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Caitlin Manor Haunted House

Quarentined to Death.




Caitlin Manor Haunted House is the mysterious esquire of the monolith of vampires, ghouls, itchy goblins and dead people. To contact the one and only Augie Cowan (909) 609-4754 who owns the walls of the creepy house, blood, and dummies, hauntings, including the 1980's video game machines to tickle your brain stem for stranger things, refer to the previous phone number.
Caitlin Manor Haunted House is a chainsaw of a blast that is a fundraiser for the disabled child of Augie and Mistress Maria. Other Ghouls include Beto Chainsaw-wrangler, Lil' ACIII, the crazy neighbor with the muddy pool, and anonymous by the many.
The Creative Manager of Caitlin Manor Haunted House is the one who paved from wall to wall the creative genius of the mind of the gargantuan Rennie Cowan (323) 393-9166, the sister and craftswoman who is the set-designer, scenery maker, environment creator, clown keeper, doll room maker, videomaker, and the bloody gore of you. To contact her for any design counseling please refer to the previous number. Check out this page to page to see her creative design, and visit her movie making company page here.
The Scare is Located at:
Caitlin Manor Haunted house
San Bernardino, CA.